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Journey through womanhood 

About Us


Welcome to Loveuyoga Online

I am Kat King I have created this female empowerment membership hub, a place where I can share ALL of my knowledge. We will dive deep into our Feminine power, fusing together kundalini activation, kundalini dance, meditation, yoga nidra and mantra. 


A safe space to hold you through all stages of womanhood from maiden, mother to crone. 

We will journey together through life changing events ultimately guiding you into self empowerment. 


I have been on a journey of self discovery through yoga and yoni healing for over 20 years. Coming from debilitating burn out and endometriosis whilst working in the music industry I found yoga to heal myself physically and mentally.


As well as yoga I also trained as a reiki master subsequently using these two modalities my life began to change for the better. After struggling initially to fall pregnant and told that I would need IVF to conceive my studies into womb yoga came alive, delving deep into my practise to heal my own womb and to become pregnant naturally. 


During my pregnancies I put together the loveuyoga birthing method which I teach to this day helping so many women prepare to have an empowering birth experience. I weave my work through the stages of a woman’s life from conception to post menopause, honouring each one with love and gratitude. 


Join me for this beautiful online gathering.


Meeting Live & also content for you to access at a suitable time for you!


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