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Teacher training


• Kundalini Yoga in pregnancy and birth
• Pelvic floor structure and changes
• Chakra system during pregnancy and birth Kriyas, Mantra, Yoga Nidra
• Massage and reflexology during pregnancy and labour
• Breathwork / pranayama
• Anatomy and physiology for pregnancy and postnatal
• Baby massage / baby yoga
• Doula perspective in pregnancy and homebirth
• Midwife perspective on pregnancy and hospital birth
• Ayurveda in pregnancy and birth
• Hypnobirthing
• Biomechanics, Rebozo skills for pregnancy and birth 
• Teaching skills and lesson plans 


In order to successfully complete the course students must attend all sessions, complete all homework and assessments throughout the course. If any contact hours are missing they can be made up in private (paid) sessions. 

Weekend one:

Kat & Shelley: Loveuyoga method and how it works
Brief Kundalini history. Yoga practise / breath work 
Chakras during pregnancy / Kundalini movement and dance

Weekend Two:

Anatomy, physiology, pregnancy and postnatal with Simone Goldstein
Pregnancy / postnatal specialist / Mummy MOT: Zoe Eggleton
Biomechanics of pregnancy and birth practical session 

Weekend Three:

Doula Naomi / birth keeper – Homebirth specialist
Becky Elliott – Private midwife – Hospital birth
Practical – Preparing to teach a class 

Weekend Four:

Ayurveda in pregnancy and birth massage
and reflexology / baby massage / yoga
Teaching a class plan final exam 

The team

Lead teacher:
Kat King 
Shelley Rouse 
Physiotherapist / mummy MOT:
Zoe Eggleton 
Simone Goldstein 
Alice Surridge
Doula / birth keeper:
Naomi Tolson 
Becky Elliott
Massage therapist / reflexologist / baby massage:
Rachel Troullis


Essay – Own journey relating to pregnancy and birth
Exam – teaching a class group practical
Exam – Q&A Paper 


Self study practise and keep a diary of notes / homework
Accreditation: Yoga Alliance professionals / Loveuyoga pregnancy and birth teacher
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